Richard Russell

When Richard Russell required cardiac rehabilitation, he knew that Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital was the right choice.

Richard Russell is a family man. He counts spending time with his wife and his pets among his favorite things to do. He also enjoys shooting pool. A recent health issue put all of this in jeopardy.

Difficulty breathing and tight pain in his chest left Richard alarmed. He visited a local emergency room, where it was determined he had a mild heart attack. After a series of tests were conducted, doctors discovered that Richard had major blockages in his heart. He would require double bypass surgery. This was most shocking to Richard, considering that exactly one year prior he had suffered a stroke.

When Richard suffered his stroke, he spent time recovering at Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital. Although he wished the circumstances were different this time around, he was glad to see the staff at CCRH. “I was here a year ago, and everybody, from the staff, nurses, and therapists were fantastic, so naturally, there was no other choice for me.”

The staff played a major impact on his recovery. Richard states, “all the therapists are dedicated, and you can tell they care, and their ultimate goal is to have your health improve.” After spending a week in the hospital for recovery, Richard transferred to CCRH. A week into his rehab, Richard states that his therapy is going well, and he is slowly, but surely, regaining his endurance and strength.

Richard’s gratitude is so overwhelming, that he had a difficult time trying to pinpoint a particular staff member to single out, but they were all superb – “even the lady that comes in for housekeeping,” states Richard.

Richard is looking forward to resuming his lifestyle once he gets the clear from his surgeon to use his arms again. He is also looking forward to taking a long and well-deserved vacation with his wife.